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93 and Older » Ike's 1190 Mustang GT

Some good friends and loyal customers of ours, Ike and Jason, built up this 1990 Mustang GT – a father and son kind of project. You see, Jason (son) bought a ’91 Mustang GT and Ike (Dad) helped Jason build up the motor. Not to be outdone by the addictive power and awesome sound coming from Jason’s newly built motor, Ike decided it was time to freshen up his motor. On Ike’s behalf, Jason called Tom – the owner of AMP Performance – and ordered everything they needed to build this one up into a more-than-respectable street machine. The upgraded components include:

  • Trick Flow engine kit
  • Ford Racing Rockers
  • BBK 75mm throttle body
  • 70mm MAF 24# injectors
  • 3.55 gears

To add to the good looks, they also installed a Boss Inc. fiberglass hood and repainted the car. Thank you, Ike and Jason, for sharing the details with us. She’s lookin’ real nice.

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