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93 and Older » Dave’s ’84 GT Convertible

We spied Dave’s ’84 GT Convertible and had to get all the details … what a sweet ’84 this is! Be sure to click on the thumbnail images to see a larger version of each picture.

We asked Dave about the car, and he told us “This is my 1984 GT convertible, Michigan car, always stored winters, I bought it cheap from the second owner going through his second divorce. Original paint, although it needs and will get in the spring some fresh black, no rust, only a couple minor dings. The car was completely original when I bought it, 84K miles, and still had the original TRX tires on it even. I had to evaluate whether original really meant that much to me or not!”

“Over the course of 5 years, I started to gradually add things. This year, I redid a lot that I didn’t like the way it turned out, and added much more. As of now- 1999 Cobra wheels, BFG KDW2 225/45-17 front and rear, SN-95 spindles, new 3.73 8″ rear end, Granatelli differential girdle, reinforced new stock upper rear control arms, Global West spherical bearing front bushing/ delrin-aluminum rear bushing lower control arms, new FMS lower front control arms, Maximum Motorsports Road and Track springs, Steeda sway bars, Tokico Illumina adjustable shocks and struts, Baer 13″ brakes front and rear with adjustable rear proportioning valve, 94/95 Cobra brake booster and master cylinder, and ATE Super Blue Racing brake fluid.”

“She also has an FMS aluminum driveshaft, AGR quick ratio steering rack, Maximum Motorsports spherical rack bushings, Global West welded in round sub frame connectors with laddering out to 1″ square solid rocker panel supports with seat support brackets, Maximum Motorsports K member brace and strut tower brace, FMS caster/camber plates, stock T-5 gearbox, 10.5″ Centerforce Dual Friction clutch, Lakewood clutch fork, DSS 306 Pro Bullet long block with AFR 165 heads and about every upgrade that DSS offers- ultralite pistons, fully floating forced oiling wrist pins, polished CNC H beam rods, AFR valve and spring upgrades, main support system and windage tray, adjustable pressure oil pump, Fidanza 10.5″ aluminum flywheel, and a Romac aluminum/steel harmonic balancer.”

“Also included is a Weiand Stealth intake, Holley 670 Street Avenger, MSD billet distributor, MSD 6AL ignition, BBK underdrive pulleys, March alternator and power steering brackets, Energy Suspension polyeurethane motor and transmission mounts, Mac long tube headers with Pro-chamber and mufflers, Be Cool dual core aluminum radiator with dual electric fan module, 200 amp 3G alternator, all un-necessary underhood wiring removed and the necessary wires run through the fenders, un-necessary underhood holes welded shut and smoothed, removed non-working air conditioning and all other un-necessary weight, trunk mounted battery in a nice Jegs box.

“The interior has a Florida 5.0 dash and carbon fiber guage insert, Autometer Ultralite II guages, new carpet and such parts that the interior needed to change it to black, Corbeau GTS II seats, bought material right from Corbeau and had an upholstery guy do the back seat to match and he will also be doing some new door panels for me this winter.

“I’m planning a Storm’in Norman hood and all new black black black paint, no stripes. I have a small fortune wrapped up in this car, did 99% of the work myself or with help from my wife and kids, and I tried real hard to do nothing half-assed. I hope that this car lasts another 20 years or so.”

Thank you, Dave, for sharing your car with us. It’s looking really nice!

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