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Gallery » 2003 SVT F-150 Lightning

2003 SVT F-150 Lightning

Wanna know how to make 862 RWHP and 985 RWTQ?

  • AMP Performance Short Block
  • AMP Performance Ported Heads and Intake
  • KENNE BELL 2.6L Supercharger
  • COMP Cams & springs
  • JESEL rocker arms
  • Long tube headers
  • Custom-built fuel tank pickup tube
  • Aeromotive Fuel pump & regulator
  • 60# injectors
  • AMP Performance tuning, using SNIPER tuning software.

The AMP Dyno and Service team put together a Lightning that makes lots of thunder. This guy puts out 676 RWHP and 774 RWTQ, until you push the red button – that’ll bring in a 125-shot of NX and numbers jump to a blazing 862 RWHP and 985 RWTQ.

No doubt this Lightning’s out at night hunting Dodge SRT-10's.

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