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Since 1964, Tremec has been an innovator in transmission technology, producing some of the most sought after and celebrated manual gearboxes in automotive history. AMP Performance continues to uphold the traditions that Tremec has set by supplying transmissions for a multitude of high-performance late-model factory supercars, as well as servicing a worldwide audience of aftermarket car enthusiasts.

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  • Transmissions

    TREMEC excels in the design and production of torque transfer solutions and AMP Performance will outfit your ride with the power that TREMEC provides. Products we offer include rear-wheel drive manual transmissions, automated manual transmissions (AMT), and dual clutch transmissions (DCT) for high-performance sports car applications. The transmissions produced by TREMEC are optimized by their expertise in gears, shafts, bearings, housings, and synchronizers – and also by in-depth knowledge of sub-systems including clutches, hydraulic systems, solenoid valves, and control systems. This allows TREMEC to develop the right design choices to incorporate systems and sub-systems that meet and exceed customer expectations.

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  • Transmission Control Unit

    TREMEC develops and supplies application-specific electronic control units for traction control and dual clutch transmissions which are available now through AMP Performance for your performance needs!

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  • Solenoids

    AMP Performance ensures optimal performance for your vehicle through TREMEC transmission solenoids, which feature dedicated hydraulic valves for fast and precise clutch actuation, clutch cooling, synchronizer actuation, and line pressure control – as well as torque vectoring, “park” lock actuation, and airbrake actuation.

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  • Hydraulic Systems

    TREMEC engineers unite mechatronic systems that deliver superior transmission functions for your car. The hydraulic systems produced enable control of the main transmission functions and keep the gearshift process as smooth and imperceptible as possible. Get your hands on this hydraulic system through AMP Performance today for an optimized flow path which will cause responsive and precise clutch torque or synchronizer control to provide excellent overall efficiency. This system is found in the clutch actuation, gear actuation and pump control systems for 7-speed wet dual clutch transmissions.

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  • Control Software

    TREMEC develops, calibrates and maintains application software for high-performance sports cars. Model based solutions are available through AMP Performance for sub-system control (black box or open models), including clutch torque models, clutch pressure control, clutch thermal models, lube control strategies, thermal protection strategies, shift drum controls, and hydraulic synchronizer control strategies.

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  • Clutches

    The core of the TREMEC product line are their wet single and dual clutches. Controllability and thermal performance are key to TREMEC’s success in high-end applications and they are developed based on in-depth knowledge of the clutch system which is based on the proper understanding of the different systems that interact with it. This knowledge and clutch system expertise is what AMP Performance offers you with our line of TREMEC clutches for your vehicle. Clutches can be supplied as a tested sub-system, as part of a mechatronic system, or as part of a transmission assembly. TREMEC also provides model-based solutions for sub-system control (black box or open models), including clutch torque models, clutch pressure controls, clutch thermal models, lube control strategies, and thermal protection strategies.

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